• Landscape Design

    Keller’s offers a full landscape design service from scaled blueprints to a computer generated digital landscape designs.

    Let our experts create the landscape of your dreams. Keller’s offers Digital Design Service which displays a full color design before and after for your landscape. Digital landscape design shows you the finished project before it begins.

    Keller’s will send our landscaping professionals to your home for a consultation to determine your needs and customize a design to your DREAMS! The design fees are minimal and apply 100% to your landscaping project purchases.

  • Our Digital Landscape Design includes:
    • Full color image
    • Planting diagram
    • Plant description
    • Consultation

    View a Sample Plant Guide

  • Landscape Design Questionnaire

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    Do you prefer a uniform or scruffy look?

    Are you interested in perennials, groundcovers or grasses in your design? If so do you have a preference to type or color?

    Do you have drainage issues that need attention? If so, please explain

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